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Tandem pumps

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Tandem pump consists of two swash plate pumps of 416 series: 
- 90 (or 71) + 90 (or 71) ccm/rev 
- 124 (or 110) + 90 (or 71) ccm/rev 
- 125 (or 110) + 125 (or 110) ccm/rev 
Any combination of working displacements is possible: 71, 90, 110, 125 ccm/rev

Tandem pump is intended for operation in close loop hydraulic systems. Intended for application in hydraulic schemes of: 
- rollers, vibratory compactors
- track-type vehicles: earthmovers, rovers, paddy harvesters
- wheeled vehicles: front loaders

Pnevmostroimashina JSC continues to widen the production. In the first quarter of 2012 on request of consumers the following tandem pumps were developed and introduced into manufacture:


Special features: 
416.0.90 – variable displacement swashplate pump with proportional electro control and filter 
313.4.80 – variable displacement bent-axis pump with LS regulation 


Special features:
416.0.125 – variable displacement swashplate pump with proportional electro control 
310.12 – fixed displacement bent-axis pump 


Special features:
416.0.125 – variable displacement swashplate pump with proportional servo control 
411.0.56 – fixed displacement bent-axis pump 

Tandem pump includes transmission swash plate pump 416 series and bent-axis pumps 310, 313, 411 series. 
Tandem pump is intended for application in road construction machinery, drilling rigs.
Tandem pump allows to exclude distributing gearbox and in some cases exclude belt drive of the pumps. 
Owing to this the production cost is decreased while reliability is increased. 

A4VG+A4VG (Bosch Rexroth)
42R(L)+42R(L), 90R(L)+90R(L) (Sauer Danfoss)

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