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Hydraulic stations SZM.35 series

Mobile high performance system for fluid pumping with fluid flow control and cleanup

- Fluid filling of hydraulic tanks, hydraulic units, pumping stations, various hydraulic systems of road-construction and other hydraulic power assisted mobile and stationary machines before their commissioning during the scheduled maintenance and overhaul;
- Fluid pumping to required tanks;
- Fluid cleanup in hydraulic systems;
- Pumped fluid flow control.

Used before commissioning, scheduled maintenance and overhaul of hydraulic power assisted stationary and mobile machines.
Application of these stations decreases deterioration of hydraulic units and increases the lifetime of hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic circuit diagram:

Technical parameters:
Parameter Value
Supply voltageV 220
Electric motor powerkW 0.75
Pump feedl/min 35
Allowed output working pressure, kgf/cm2 5
Nominal fineness of filtration, mkm 6/10/16
Weight (without fluid), kg 50

Overall dimensions and system structure:

Advantages of SZM.35:
- Maintainability and serviceability.
- Compact design for high mobility in restricted space. Two rubber wheel truck allows to move it easily on the territory of production area and beyond. The frame design includes extension handle with non metal cover for transportability.
- Possibility to install and fix on standard 216-liters cask.
- The flow meter mounted into fuel nozzle allows easy control of pumped fluid flow.
- Liquid manometer can be mounted in the system (option).
- Quick and easy filter change. External location of the filter allows its quick exchange.
- Wide range of working fluid filtration fineness.
- Opportunity to use various types of filters (on request of Consumer). System configuration also allows using various types of filters on request of Consumer.

Manual hydraulic pumps RN.50 series
Manual hydraulic pumps are often used for emergency back up of main pumps.
Manual pumps are also used in systems where it is important to receive higher pressure at min. flow within the shortest period of time.

Technical parameters:



Medium temperature, °С


Working displacement, cc


Max. pressure, MPa

up to 28

Weight, kg


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