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1915 – Manufacturing enterprise Pnevmostroimashina was founded. 

1915-1986 – Company had been manufacturing advanced technology products for aircraft and missile industry.

1955 – Launch of hydraulic machines production. 
The first 500 pieces of NPA-64 series axial-piston pumps were produced.

1970 – Beginning of fixed displacement hydraulic pumps and motors production under Bosch Rexroth (Germany) license.
Since 1970 more than 3,5 millions of hydraulic unitshave been produced.

2000 – Pnevmostroimashina JSC became privately owned and merged into non-commercial partnership the Urals Financial Industrial Group “United Plants “FINPROMCO” which numbers more than 50 enterprises and companies. 

2011 – Trade house PSM-Export Ltd. was established and became an exclusive export supplier of PSM-Hydraulics® products.

2015 – Pnevmostroimashina JSC celebrates 100th anniversary.

Corporate structure of non-commercial partnership "United Plants "FINPROMCO" >>>
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