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Products / Electronic control systems

Electronic control systems

Electronic control systems and their components are intended for common application with proportional and discrete electrical control hydraulic machines.

Hydraulic machines:

Smart-Ex. Electronic control system for excavators

Intended for excavator hydraulic system regulation and control.

Our solution unifies internal combustion engine, integrated pumping unit and operator into the whole which allows the operator fully use excavator capacity and decrease fuel consumption.

Control system functions:
- stability and control of diesel engine rotation frequency during the process of excavator operation by means of fuel feed regulation and of hydraulic pumps efficiency change; 
- engine start and warm-up simplification at the environment  temperature below zero; 
- automatic switch into the mode of idle engine rotations during the excavator operation pauses; 
- diesel engine protection at exceeding the allowed load and coolant overheating; 
- fuel pump displacement lever control as per controller commands; 
- excavator hydraulic system protection at load exceeding and hydraulic fluid overheating.

The system features:
- improves the operator working conditions;
- decreases the fuel flow;
- protects the engine from overloads which increases the engine lifetime and cuts the maintenance expenditures;
- controls the integrated pumping unit power which helps avoiding idle hydraulics operation and increasing the lifetime.

SU-A1. Single channel amplifier

Electronic single-channel SU-A1 amplifier is based on microprocessor.

Electronic single-channel amplifier is intended for the control of one proportional electromagnet (solenoid), for the control of:
- one pump of 313 series;
- one hydraulic motor of 303 series;
- valve or pilot with proportional control.

The amplifier full adjustment is performed with the help of three buttons on the front board. 

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